Our team is comprised of experienced hospitality professionals. More than 70 Empire employees — led by three managing partners who also own and operate the business — are ready to assist you with long-term, short-term, emergency or corporate housing. Our team’s housing solutions are tailored to you and your specific needs.

Our founding mission: to source and manage corporate and emergency housing for the public sector. We also manage several large government and GSA contracts.

Empire Hospitality is proud to coordinate our work with community relief agencies. Our clients turn to us for emergency lodging and corporate housing for both the public and private sectors.


How are we able to manage such an extraordinary number of different and diverse projects? Once again, it’s because of our people. In addition to their hospitality experience and expertise, our staff of corporate lodging consultants is fluent in the language of contract management, logistics, and lodging.

It’s that breadth of knowledge that allows us to function as the lodging company of choice for organizations tasked with responding to emergencies and helping those affected most directly by natural disasters.


Relationships are the cornerstone of our business and people are the foundation. This core value focuses our efforts on building lasting partnerships with hotels and corporate housing sources throughout the United States. This means we secure lodging that’s often unavailable through traditional platforms.

Corporate Golden Rule Extended:

We treat others the way we want to be treated. But our efforts in this regard go above and beyond.

  • We admire our clients and hold them in high esteem
  • We value the efforts of our hotel partners
  • We appreciate and recognize our employees, without whom we would accomplish little
  • We are patriots and love our country
  • We respect, honor, and serve those who serve us.

The Empire Advantage:

You’ll notice the Empire Advantage right away. We are a niche creator and an industry leader in emergency lodging assistance programs and travel management solutions. We are fearlessly forward-thinking, unique in our approach, and tenacious in our pursuit of excellence. Let us know if you have any questions or to request program information.

  • Moral and ethical business practices with open communication.
  • Over 100 years of combined hospitality experience & expertise
  • Proven highest ROI for our lodging partners
  • Hands-on involvement from the executive team
  • Innovative technology

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