Empire Business Travel

If you’ve ever had to book a hotel, you know the choice can be somewhat overwhelming. There are thousands of options, hundreds of different amenities, and numerous loyalty programs to consider. Weighing the options, and getting the best price can often take more time than the flight to get there. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Empire’s Business Travel Program simplifies transient travel with initiatives from reservations and reporting to account reviews. Our experienced team has developed a comprehensive travel program designed to deliver targeted results and improve cost savings.

Utilizing Empire’s proprietary software and strong relationships with our national hotel partners, our team does the heavy lifting to ensure your travel goals and budgets are met.   Empire has the solution for those just starting to travel, as well as tools to strengthen existing travel programs.   

Benefit from our Expertise:

  • Qualification of current hotel travel policy and market spend
  • Special rates negotiated with our network of partner hotels
  • Identify and quantify savings opportunities to ensure best ROI
  • Increase traveler compliancy with easy to use booking features and navigation
  • Reporting and expense management readily available

An Easy Choice

Some choices are hard –  like what to eat for dinner, who was the best James Bond, aisle or window – but choosing a hotel doesn’t have to be.

The Empire Business Travel program is like sleeping in on Sunday – a very easy choice.

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