Emergency Housing For Veterans

by Carly Major | 08-24-2020 | Testimonials

Empire Hospitality secures emergency housing for veterans in need of immediate government-approved lodging. Unforeseen circumstances can crop up from time to time. It’s good to know there is somewhere to turn for assistance.

If you’re a veteran (or searching on behalf of one), keep in mind that we have considerable contract management and emergency housing experience. That means we’re able to provide more than just a roof and a room. We can also coordinate complex contracts that include not just lodging but also meals, transportation, and more.

Empire manages multiple contracts that support the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We’re also proud to be a Prime Contractor that bids for contracts with U.S. Military Entrance Processing Stations (USMEPCOM). We’re one of just five such contractors nationwide. In fact, Empire has built trusting and long-lasting relationships with multiple stakeholders throughout the public sector.

The Empire Process

Empire can source hotel rooms by choosing from our extensive and always growing network of housing providers.

Being homeless or at risk of being homeless due to an emergency can affect veterans and their families in many ways. Government can help service members dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues or those dealing directly with mental illness.

We recommend contacting your local VA medical center (VAMC). There you can speak with a VA case manager who can help with medical issues. We also suggest contacting the VA itself for help in finding supportive housing programs or transitional housing vouchers for public housing. They often use a community-based approach which ties in other supportive services, including some we’ve already mentioned.

Our Task

At Empire, however, our task is a little different: We find emergency housing for veterans. We do this by working directly with housing providers and hotels to maintain continuous bookings. We also provide full accounting services and invoicing. That way you can focus on getting yourself or the veteran with whom you’re working back into permanent housing.

Our Values

For all these reasons, Empire is able to provide immediate housing relief for veterans in need. The reason we’ve been so successful: our people. Our team of housing and hospitality experts led by three managing partners who own and operate our business.

Commitment to Veterans

Like our veterans, we are patriots; we love the United States, and we honor those who serve us. One of our core values is the relationships we build and cultivate with our lodging partners. Another is our commitment to veterans and to working toward helping pay them back for their service.

Providing emergency housing for veterans helps us serve those who serve us. And with our proprietary booking system, we can source and secure emergency housing for U.S. veterans. This is true for any day of the week and at any time of the year — day or night. We make it easy.

Full Circle Foundation and More

We’d also like to introduce you to a program we call the Full Circle Foundation. Empire Hospitality donates to many veterans-based charity organizations. To manage these donations, we started the Foundation, which is a nonprofit entity dedicated to honoring and assisting our veterans.

Finally, as a GSA contract holder, Empire provides lodging support for the U.S. military. Emergency housing for veterans is in many ways an extension of this responsibility.

Think of the options provided by Empire as government-approved lodging via a private entity. Regardless of your needs, we’re ready to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Emergency housing for veterans is a way for us to provide urgent placement and disaster relief. Simply tell us your specific needs and our team of experts will respond promptly to help take the stress out of your relocation.

Veterans have always had our back — and now we have theirs.

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