FEMA Preparedness: What To Know and Where to Look

by Carly Major | 04-26-2021 | Testimonials

As a source for emergency housing in the United States, the team at Empire Hospitality is experienced and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. In our business, it’s crucial to be prepared for disasters and emergencies. We remain nimble in order to respond to events as they happen.

Businesses and other entities whose focus is on their own day-to-day operations must also put in the work to prepare their employees for emergency situations. 

Fortunately, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), provides a wide range of resources. That means businesses are only a click or two away from learning about FEMA preparedness. Connecting to the official websites of government agencies is the best way to learn about response and recovery options in your area.

Let’s take a quick look at what FEMA preparedness entails.

Details of FEMA Preparedness

First of all, it might be helpful to bookmark the following online resources. Ready.gov is a great place to start. This federal government site is secure and has a breakdown of potential emergencies and ways to prepare for them. 

Second, the National Preparedness System also lays things out in such a way as to make it easier for busy Americans to find the information they need to remain prepared for any and all emergencies.

According to FEMA’s National Preparedness website, the agency helps communities “be more prepared by developing the capabilities needed to prevent, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against all threats and hazards. Whether we face risks related to earthquakes, cyberattacks or chemical spills, our goal is shared: safety and resilience.”

FEMA preparedness includes a six-part “National Preparedness System”:

  1. Identifying and Assessing Risk
  2. Estimating Capability Requirements
  3. Building and Sustaining Capabilities
  4. Planning to Deliver Capabilities
  5. Validating Capabilities
  6. Reviewing and Updating

It’s also a good idea to learn about FEMA preparedness grants and grant funding, as well as that agency’s coordination with the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees it.

A quick note on online security: Federal government websites often end in .gov, so be sure you’re on a secure and legitimate site before sharing sensitive information. A web address that begins with https ensures that info can be encrypted and transmitted securely.

Empire Hospitality is based in Vancouver, Washington. We have multiple FEMA contracts and have a long history of securing emergency shelter for people in need. Our work includes lodging and relocation services as well as timely coordination with emergency responders across the nation.

We are happy to discuss FEMA preparedness as well as other aspects of our work with you. Be sure to get in touch with Empire Hospitality with any questions.